SwissVite Shill Army

Vite is still pretty much under the radar… And we all know awareness is one of the biggest challenges in crypto! Many coins are out there, so it can be for hard the ones with the best tech to stand out in this foggy world…

And… That is why shilling bags is in crypto trader’s blood!

So, we thought about creating a tool for helping the Vite community to shill effectively on crypto-Twitter; it is called the SwissVite Shill Army!

The way it works is super simple: There is a discord channel in our server that displays a real-time Twitter feed!

The Tweets that display in this channel are all related to DAGs, and posted by Twitter accounts that have more than 150 followers!

We chose the tickers of all the DAGs we know out there, as well as their official accounts. The criterias can be adjusted, just come to talk to us if you have any suggestion! There is also an account blacklisting system against annoying bots.

So… What do we do with that?

Well… We think that this is a very good point of entry for shilling in a very effective way! Vite is still under the radar, even for people who are big DAGs believers!

So, just think about that, what if every time a Tweet is posted about a DAG on crypto-Twitter, one member of our beloved community posts a message about $Vite?

Yes… That works!

So, join our server now if you haven’t already, and start shilling! One minute per day per person can make the difference!

Let’s create something cool, and bring it to the moon together!

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