SwissVite Node Monitor Beta Launch

SwissVite ConvertBot was feeling lonely! So we created a new one!

We want to create the most user-friendly way for you to know your nodes status 24/7 (minus sleep time)!

We believe that there are many apps/software these days, so we are not prone to add one on top of that.
However, there are apps that we (at least we, the crypto People) must be on all the time: Instant Messaging apps!

We are then being leveraging Discord for this tool!

The concept is very simple:

  • Send us your node(s) Vite address(es), and a nickname
  • Enter in the 2 monitoring channels. Why 2?
    • One is named “OK”.
      Every 5 minutes, a message is sent, showing the nodes that are fine!
      For this one, the notifications shall be disabled, you do not want to be notified every 5 min!
      However, it is useful in the case the bot just dies (remember it is a beta)! If there were no messages for more than 10 minutes, then there might be an issue.
    • The other is named “Errors”.
      Every 5 minutes, it will send a notification mentioning the nodes that are errored.
      The notifications should be on for this one, so you can know in real-time +/- 5min if your node is errored!

I have full nodes and I want to try, what should I do?

Just contact us on Discord, Telegram or Twitter, and we will onboard you!
You do not have to vote for us to use this tool! It also works for SBPs by the way, you are welcomed also!

What does the future look like?

First, more platforms. If there is an immediate need, we can link Telegram channels easily. We will also support WeChat in the future.
Then, we are open! If you are interested, have questions and ideas, just come to discuss with us!

SwissVite gives you the best!

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