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On the evening of June 10, the second episode of the AMA from the community’s SBP took place. This time, the Chinese community of Vite welcomes the head of SwissVite, Decentralizer. Below is the transcript of the AMA.

Q1. Please briefly introduce yourself and the team, as well as the Swiss SuperNode.

SwissVite is a Swiss-based Vite community. We opened a server on Vite the 28th of November 2018, and we were the first SBP to distribute rewards to our voters. Our project is community oriented and has for goal to support the Vite public chain development. We are five in SwissVite, all active members of the Swiss Crypto Community.

Q2. What aspects of the project have attracted you and your team?

SwissVite Team was seduced by the asynchronous architecture of the Vite network. On DAG networks performances and application possibilities are larger than on traditional blockchains. We are early in Vite with the following goals: learn, build, and educate the crypto community on what is Vite.

Q3. What was your original intention when deciding to run for SBP?

As stated above, our team was waiting for a DAG network that includes smart contracts. Our goal when supporting Vite during the early phase of the network is to educate ourselves on how to develop on Vite. We have the intention to help the growth of applications on top of Vite, so we need to understand the architecture perfectly. Our SBP is central to our model because it’s also a way to finance our future Vite projects.

Q4. What advantages does the Swiss SuperNode have over other SuperNodes?

Our project is community oriented, when voting for SwissVite, be sure you support a team that has the goal to support the development of the Vite network.

Q5. We learned that the Swiss Super Node often receives weekly rewards. How do you do that?

Thanks to Vitelabs, a program called Proposal is available to support community SBPs initiatives, this since Jan. 2019. We participate in this proposal actively and won the rewards prize many times. It’s an important help for our project, as we will use the collected rewards to support Vite applications development. As an example, we are supporting an incoming roulette game app built on top of Vite, funded with the rewards of the Proposal program.

Q6. At present, what specific work has been done by the Swiss SuperNode, and what are the milestones achieved?

Our SBP has been working smoothly for more than five months. It is important for us to offer a top-class delegate service to those who trust SwissVite with their votes. We created tools to give to our voters the best experience.

We are working right now on improving our understanding of Vite, to create applications on the main net. SwissVite wants to be a long term partner, so we use this testnet/pre-mainnet phase to make our tests. The mainnet will open a new era for SwissVite, with the launch of several projects.

Q7. What are the future plans of SV?

We are really happy with the support of the community and Vitelabs team. The proximity with the core devs motive us and reassure us. We will continue our block producer activity, together with the community. We hope that we will have time to give more and more of our time to App development on top of Vite. Be sure we will do our best to make Vite a success.

Q8. Do you have suggestions for the development of VITE project?

The pre mainnet is giving time to developers to develop apps on Vite. Incentives already exist for SBPs (proposals), to try the Vite network (airdrops), and to do marketing content (campaigns). It would be nice to see Vite pushing for developers to build on the network. It could be hackathons with subsequent cash-prises. It would be good to have an existing community dApp ecosystem on the network before the mainnet launch. There is a great risk for devs to develop in a new environment, an incentive could help to mitigate that.

Q9. Where are your team members located?

3 in Switzerland, 1 in Dubai, and myself in China.

Q10. When do you think Vite price will recover?

When did you buy Vite? The current price of Vite is quite good. Have you seen what happened to FTM today? FTM is also a DAG, however, Vite is technically better than FTM. Just be patient!

Q11. Is SwissVite participating in foreign community building? How can you help Vite to get more users?

We run French social media channels. We also translate our articles and our websites into French. We are also the administrators of Vite’s official French Telegram group. To be honest, we haven’t started to promote Vite heavily. We are waiting for the Vite mainnet launch to start a wide range of advertising. Our team has also 2 influential members. One has a broad network in the European crypto world and a trader who is getting quite famous. We are building a solid foundation to prepare for the arrival of Vite mainnet.

Q12. What do you think about Dubai and Switzerland policies and attitudes towards cryptocurrencies?

I’m not sure about Dubai. Switzerland is very crypto-friendly, the Crypto Valley is very famous, you can do some researches about it.

Q13. Many restaurants in Switzerland accept cryptocurrencies for payment. Are you planning to open one?

DM me if you want to invest in the opening of a crypto hot-pot in Switzerland.

Q14. Which SBP is currently the strongest opponent of SwissVite?

All SBPs are brothers, and I hope that Vite’s community supernodes can work together. I’m looking for participating in joint actions for promoting Vite and developing the community. The competition between SBPs might only start after the main net launch.

What are your feelings about attending this event?

I’m very happy to have had an opportunity to communicate! Thanks to everyone!

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