SwissVite was born to promote and enrich the Vite ecosystem.


Help the SwissVite community by backing your Vite coins to our SBP.


SwissVite creates products to help and increase Vite network.

Why delegate your Vite coins to the SwissVite SBP ?

Vite network is a «Directed Acyclic Graph» & «Delegated Proof of Stake» network, transactions are provided by a limited nodes number, called SBPs.

SBPs are the block producers on the network and process transactions for the Vite ecosystem. For this service, a SBP is rewarded in Vite coins. SwissVite is the first SBP to distribute rewards to backers. Vote to support our community SBP and get rewarded in Vite coins.

SwissVite, with the help of its backers, thrives to constantly create new value on the Vite ecosystem.

High distribution
SwissVite was the first community node to offer rewards distribution. We distribute rewards to our backers since November the 28th, 2018.
A safe location
Located in Switzerland, home of the Crypto Valley, our servers are top-class infrastructure to ensure a continuous service and safe backing returns.
Thriving community
The SwissVite team will develop products to enhance the experience on the Vite Network, in a close relation with its community.

We are developing a Vite community.

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